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On the Fly

On the Fly is OUT NOW and you can order a copy on CD right here, complete with full lyrics and artwork. We will bust on down to the Post Office and get it mailed direct to your door so you can begin enjoying the Supermarionation as soon as humanly possible. Posting and packing within the UK are included in the price too, making it an extra good deal. If you're from further afield, just drop us a line and we'll figure out how much to get it to you. Its also available on MP3 Download, links on the left.


Order your copy of On the Fly on CD today and get it fitted with a limited edition Supermariostamp to ensure it wings its way to your stereo in style. These will only be available for a short period so click the Buy Now button on the right to guarantee delivery.

Praise for On the Fly:

On the Fly is "most certainly a grower" where "standout, rollicking opener" Those Home Girls "could easily be a bonus stage on that heroic guitar-based game"
"This continues in 'Lonesome Symphony', a 5 minute opus of Hendrix-inspired bursts and foot-tappingly catchy riffs that make it by far my favourite track."
"It’s five tracks of blues-y rock with a bit of an edge and plenty of wry lyricism, well worthy of your time."
The Tidal Wave of Indifference
"It’s at this kind of upbeat material Supermarionation excel."
Real Gone
"I know plenty of people who will enjoy this punk-metal mix, but the tunes a la Sabs or Zep just ain’t for me."

Listening Post

Still not convinced? Test drive it for yourself:
On the Fly by smnwail4u

On the Fly is also available at Avalanche Records, Vox Box Music and Elvis Shakespeare in Edinburgh and One Up Records in Aberdeen, priced £2.99. Times are tough and these shops deserve your support. If you're in either town, please purchase at your local, independent store.