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The Passing of Another Year

posted 24 Nov 2011, 04:54 by Steven Tonge   [ updated 24 Nov 2011, 04:58 ]
Holy cow, it's almost December and getting on for 2012. In January, it will be four whole years since the seed of the Supermarionation was so innocently planted inside our tiny minds and how far we've come. Due to some imminent domestic changes, it's not clear yet whether we'll be going any further but we'll definitely be going as far as The Wee Red Bar on Thursday 15th December to celebrate Christmas, what's been and gone and to wonder what may be...

It's £4, there will be mince pies, Plastic Animals and Trapped Mice so you can't really go wrong. We're not saying it's your last Supermariochance but it might be. It might be...